Picking the right Orthodontic treatment to straighten your teeth is important: straight and aligned teeth are vital for more than a fit and healthy smile; they provide an array of positives for your general well-being too. We have a number of options for many problems, but for most people we suggest Invisalign.

In this guide we’ll take you through the  benefits of Invisalign, aswell as what to expect from your treatment and ways you can get started. At the end we’ll then discuss some of the best alternative teeth straightening procedures incase you are not sure Invisalign is the teeth straightening treatment for you.

Invisalign is innovative

Innovation within Orthodontistry is rare, but Invisalign is one innovation we are fully behind. Over 8 years Invisalign have developed their own in-house material known as Smarttrack to help improve control, comfort and speed of teeth straightening treatments compared to Invisalign aligners previously made from single-layer material.


Invisalign works for you

We find that Invisalign can provide results as soon as 6 months from the beginning of treatment. Although this is different for each and every patient (as a bespoke plan should be) we generally get a pretty good map of when you will start to see straighter teeth and a transformation to your smile.


So what is Invisalign?

Invisalign is an innovative, award winning, clear aligner which fits around your life, work quickly and is predictable. These benefits allow us to build a bespoke treatment plan while keeping you informed of the process; showing you the transformation every step of the way.


Invisalign is convenient

Invisalign’s Clear Aligners fit snugly over your teeth, they are discreet and can be used all day everyday, no matter the situation. This is one of the main reasons we love Invisalign – they work for you, not against you, and keep you smiling even during treatment.


Invisalign is predictable

Thanks to the Itero Element Scanner we are able to customise your treatment, pinpointing the exact amount of force required for each tooth, and provide a bespoke plan just for you. If you ever wanted a brand new smile, made just for you, the time is now.

What can Invisalign be used for?


Invisalign is a very flexible treatment that can be used to straighten sets of teeth or individual teeth. However as each set of teeth is unique to each patient, it is always better to consult an Invisalign doctor to better understand how it may work for you

Here we’ll take a look at some treatable cases that may be similar to issues you may have.



Your upper teeth hang over your lower teeth, potentially causing speech impedements and damage to other teeth.



Your top and bottom sets of teeth don’t line up which could cause teeth crowding.


Gap teeth

You have too much space between teeth. This may cause food to get stuck and cause irritation.



Your upper and lower teeth don’t align which may cause headaches or pain in your jaw.



Your lower teeth hang over your upper teeth causing tooth decay from excessive wear to the enamel.

Crowded teeth

There are more teeth than usual in your jaw for teeth to align up properly which may cause discomfort when you eat.

General misalignment

General misalignment of individual or groups of teeth which might have an impact on self confidence.

Is it right for me?


If you are looking for a convienent, simple procedure  customised to suit you, then yes Invisalign could be right for you. However everybody is unique, and that is equally true of teeth.

Our advice is always to get in touch with an Invisalign doctor. They will then be able to walk through your custom treatment plan and get started on your smile transformation.

We are currently offering free smile consultations, get in touch to book yours today.